Best ways to Address the topic of Exclusivity With Him?

Reader concern:

we met this guy on fit four weeks ago. I am in love with him. We had the chat and I also told him i cannot date several individuals at exactly the same time, and he explained he is in the same way. Now a buddy saw him on another dating site, POF, and saw the guy spruced right up their profile following the weekend the guy met me. Obviously, he is nevertheless searching. We already believe lied to but how perform We approach this topic with him?”

-Britt M. (California)

Professional’s Solution:


If your wanting to rise to results, let’s supply the man the advantage of the doubt. He might have spruced up their profile before he really got to understand you, nevertheless now he has got strong thoughts for your family and he hasn’t also been on POF in months. Did the guy revise their profile when you had “the chat”? In that case, I would be concerned. Perhaps you are crazy about the guy however if you currently feel lied to after one thirty days, i suggest you cut your losings today, and locate someone that is actually sincere and genuinely retains the exact same values, not simply an individual who says the guy lives by exact same moral code.

Trust is the most important aspect of any romantic relationship. Measures usually speak higher than words, which guy’s actions might be telling you he isn’t “the main one.” When this solution merely does not jive along with you and you also desire to offer him a chance, I would personally state go at the one head on. Ask him if they are on another online dating sites to see just what he states. If the guy is, get moving, gf! If he states certainly, ask if they are upgrading his profile to fulfill additional ladies. Ask him to spell out his knowledge of your chat and find out if he or she is actually committed. Tell him you are not enthusiastic about matchmaking him if he’s seeing somebody else, and adhere by your term. Above all, never be happy with significantly less than the greatest — you deserve it.

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